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We Know The Value In Quality Painting That's Done Correctly.

Any Of These Issues Sound Familiar?

  • Old Paint's Scabbing And Peeling Away
  • Faded Shades Are Too Worn Out
  • Gunk & Grime's All Over The Place
  • Your Color's Too Boring And Bland
  • Dust And Debris Have Damaged Your Primer

Procrastination Can Be An Endless Cycle, So...

Don't Delay Your Necessary Painting.

Our Painting Services Are Precise!

How Soon Can We Start Painting?

Simply Give Us A Call, and We'll Schedule Your Appointment Within 1-3 Weekdays, if not sooner.

We never book more painting projects than we're completely capable of handling.

Also, we keep all of our customers up to date with our professional progress. All this is part of the Nearby Painters Guarantee.


We Will Help You Once You Call?

Robert is Nearby Painters' very own Customer Support Expert.

He'll answer your phone call along with any burning question that you may have for us.

He'll also help add you into a time slot that works best for your personal schedule, quickly and efficiently.

Why Are We PTC's Go-To Painters?

- Quality Results That Are Sure To Last

- 30+ ★★★★★ Google Reviews

- Customizable Painting & Appointment Times

It's easy to see why we're The #1 Painters in Peachtree City, GA.


THE Best Painters In 'The Bubble'!

1. Full-Time, Customer Service Staff

2. Best-In-Class Paints & Palette Selections

3. Family-Owned Painting Business

4. Professional Painters With Real-World Experience

5. Local, Commercial Address

6. On-Time Reliability & Flexibility

Curious To See Real-World Results?

These Are Real Jobs Done For Real Customers.

We regularly update our site so you can see with your own eyes how effective our painting methods actually are.

Here's Some Of Our Most Recent Work!

Vibrant Cherry Color to White

Brief Explanation:

This cozy kitchen had a very strong cherry stain, Ms. Fisher updated the appliances, countertops and we painted the cabinets!

Black to White! Cabinet Painting, Atlanta GA

Brief Explanation:

Working with AmRED for the Win. We worked with Dwight Astin & Lisa Fort to transform this kitchen.

New Doors & Drawers in Newnan GA

Brief Explanation:

A lot of doors and drawers CAN’T be painted, but we can get new ones!

You'll See More The Longer You Explore Our Site!

And Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions About Any Of Our Recent Jobs.

Local Customers Love Our Services!

Here's What They're Saying About Us...

Tim Gregory

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jan 8, 2020
Overall great experience. Thanks, Robert and the Crew!!!

Patricia Storm

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Nov 21, 2019
Wade, Raul, and Robert were the dream team as part of our project. They took a 1940's home from drab to fab! I highly recommend their team!

Meghan Martino

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Nov 12, 2019
Great results. Completed quickly! Fantastic customer service from Robert and the team. Would highly recommend them.

"If You Can Name It, We Can Paint It!"

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Nearby Painters

Peachtree City, GA 30269

We're The Most Personal Painters In PTC!

Especially Since We Strive To Provide...

Customizable Pricing That's Reasonable & Relatable!

Before every painting project, we do our best to get a proper understanding as to what each customers' individual painting needs and expectations actually are.

With that in mind, All Of Our Painting Services Are Competitively Priced and Solely Centered Around Your Necessities.

The last thing we want to do is give you a quote which could potentially end up being higher than expected after all is said and done.

That would not only make us look bad, but is nearly a guaranteed way of making just about any customer more frustrated than they need to be.

Other Services Aren't As Flexible

Since They Only Work On A Few Types Of Surfaces.

We Take Pride In Tackling ANY Painting Project!

As a professional painting company, we're always looking to help as many customers as we can.

In order to be more of an asset than a hassle for our customers, we're proud to be your one-stop-shop for all your painting needs.

We're able to work on:

- Homes

- Exteriors

- Interiors

- Commercial Spaces

- Offices & Businesses

- Cabinets

- Kitchens

- Bathrooms

- Walls

- And Many Other Surface Types.

No matter how big or small your painting project may be, we're here to help in any way possible.

If You Can Name It, We Can Paint It.

We Make Professional Painting Painless!

Give Us A Call To Schedule Your Painting Consultation Today.

Call Us: (770) 765-1554

Text Us: (770) 765-1554

Email Us

Send Us A Written Letter

Nearby Painters

Peachtree City, GA 30269


1. Is Your Paint Overdue For An Update?


To start off, if you’re even asking yourself this question in the first place, then the answer is most likely a yes, "Yes."

This doesn't have to be a negative realization in the least though.

People’s styles and preferences can change so subtly over time that one day you may just realize, "Gosh. This room really doesn't look and feel like it used to."

Or maybe all that's scratching away at you is just the color of your walls, the literal surroundings of which you live and move around in.

Whatever the case, just know that you don't need to worry since we're a thorough, local painting company that prides itself on total customer satisfaction.

Change can often be hard to handle at times, but thankfully, that's why We're Here To Help With All Your Painting Needs.

2. How Do We Do Our Best To Keep You Updated?


It's surprising how easy it can be to book a painting service only to forget when or even if they're going to show up when expected.

We send a quick reminder text out to all of our customers the day before our appointments to help let you know that you'll be seeing us soon.

Here at Nearby Painters, we do our best to ensure that every one of our customers knows where they are on our appointment list for the day and what time they'll be able to expect us by.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on documenting our work and keeping you updated with the results of your painting's progress.

That way, you'll know step-by-step how everything is going and what it's looking like in real time.

3. When Can We Meet Your Painting Needs?


Booking an appointment with us is simple and convenient.

Just give us a call today, and we'll be able to fit you into our schedule the moment you get in contact with us regarding your painting project.

The word is spreading about our quality services though.

As a result, the soonest we're often able to fit new customers into our schedule is Likely Within 1-3 Weekdays.

Although, we'll be sure to do our best to fit you in sooner if at all possible.

4. Exactly How Local Is Our Service?


We're Fayette County's #1 local, reliable home and exterior painting service.

We proudly service The Entire Peachtree City Area, and several other locations as well such as:

- Newnan

- Fayetteville

- Tyrone

- Sharpsburg

- Senoia

Coweta County

- And Many More.

Also, we're punctual professionals that always strive to be on time for every painting appointment.

No matter how close or far away your project may be from us.

5. Why Are We The Best Painters Around?


Here at Nearby Painters, we strive to change the way you experience local, professional painting services for good.

Whether it's a single bathroom or an entire home exterior, we always look forward to providing top-tier painting solutions with a friendly, neighborly attitude.

Our service uses the most effective, tried-and-true painting methods so that we're properly able to handle any project that's thrown our way again and again.

We're certain that you'll be satisfied by our quality service, and we look forward to being Your Go-To Painting Experts For Any Project, both now and in the future.

So give us a call today for Practical Painting Solutions That Satisfy.