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We have received 13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars.

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Recent Customer Reviews

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Tim Gregory

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jan 8, 2020
Overall great experience. Thanks, Robert and the Crew!!!
"Overall Great Experience."

Patricia Storm

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Nov 21, 2019
Wade, Raul, and Robert were the dream team as part of our project. They took a 1940's home from drab to fab! I highly recommend their team!
"They Took A 1940's Home From Drab To Fab!"

Meghan Martino

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Nov 12, 2019
Great results. Completed quickly! Fantastic customer service from Robert and the team. Would highly recommend them.
"Great Results. Completed Quickly!"

Ashton Thompson

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Oct 23, 2019
Wade did a fabulous job on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets! He started the job quickly and worked very timely. I appreciated him being very communicative and keeping me informed. They were reasonably priced and did exceptional work. I will absolutely be using them again in the future.
"Will Absolutely Be Using Them Again."

Robert Greenway

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Oct 14, 2019
I highly recommend this service. They did some drywall repair and repainting in my bathroom. They showed up promptly on the dates and times scheduled. The workmanship was high quality and they cleaned up any mess they made. I am a very satisfied customer.
"I Highly Recommend This Service."

Quenton Jackson

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 2, 2019
I was very pleased with both the quality of work, as well as the customer service provided by Nearby Painters. I was looking for someone with the expertise to paint my decorative metal front door. The original paint was an unusual finish that resembled a bronze patina. The painter did a very good job of repainting the door, but the color did not quite meet our expectations. Without hesitating, the painter returned, applied a color that we personally selected and made sure we were satisfied with the results. It showed that Nearby Painters not only does quality work but ensures that their customers are satisfied with the experience. I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.
"Ensures That Their Customers Are Satisfied."

Lisa Astin

Tyrone, GA

Date: Jul 23, 2019
Nearby Painters was phenomenal to work with. They provided a competitive price for the work we needed and the quality of work they delivered far exceeded my expectations. The kitchen looks beautiful!!! Thank you, Robert and Raul, for providing world-class customer service!!!
"World-Class Customer Service!!!"

Jim and Mardenna

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jun 14, 2019
Nearby Painters painted the entire interior of our home. They did a very good and professional job. It was just the update our house needed.
"Did A Very Good And Professional Job."

Garret M.

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Feb 6, 2019
I live in Peachtree City and have associated with these guys a lot. 100% recommend them for painting houses, exteriors, cabinets, and garage floors. I’m going to use them to paint my office space and one of my employees just hired them to paint her house and she has had a great experience. Definitely a good option for painters in Peachtree City.
"100% Recommend Them."

Scotty D.

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jan 22, 2019
Wow, what a service! Wade, Raul, and the entire crew are so thorough and consistent. Their attention to detail is above and beyond, and they don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for their customers. Truly top-tier painting professionals right here.
"Their Attention To Detail Is Above And Beyond."

Recent Jobs

Peachtree City, GA

Vibrant Cherry Color to White

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Sep 9, 2020
Service Category:
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

Cozy Old Nook to Fresh Open Kitchen!

Ms. Fisher added countertops, new appliances and cut down a high counter to modernize her kitchen beautifully. The only thing missing was a nice color change in the cabinets!

We are professional Cabinet Painters in Peachtree City, GA.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Atlanta, GA
When: July 10, 2019
Service Category:
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

What All Was Painted During The Course Of This Project?

AmRED Real Estate Development enlisted us to paint this big beautiful kitchen.

It brightened the kitchen to reflect a lot of natural light and updated it to look very modern and fresh.

We're happy to help you with Cabinet Painting in Atlanta, GA.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: March 3, 2020
Service Category:
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

What All Was Painted During The Course Of This Project?

Ms. Peggy had old doors that were peeling. It's really common to have old routed style doors that are vinyl wrapped. It's like having wallpaper on your cabinet doors! Eventually the glue can fail and the wrapping/shell falls off.

So there's NO WAY to paint the doors but we can always order new doors in tons of styles.

Ms. Peggy chose a classic shaker style and now her kitchen looks better than ever!

We can Cabinet Paint with new doors and drawers in Newnan, GA.

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